Designed by musician for musicians

We make compact sized solderless connectors that will help you concentrate on your music, not your wiring.

Lex Pedal

Small connector’s body requires almost no extra space in the pedalboard, don’t break, don’t unscrew and keep the tone clear. Reliable under any conditions of transportation and weather, multiple reconnections and owner’s lack of agility. No need to solder, the process of cable assembly is plain and simple.

Guitarist and professional engineer Alexander “Lex” Alexeyev designed his own cables after years of dealing with hardships of wiring during live performances and on the road. First prototype was tested in 2016 and passed the test perfectly. Today hundreds of active live bands choose Lex Cable.

Lex on stage
dozen set

Solderless assembly

Just 3 minutes on each patch

It does not matter if you can solder, there is no need to spend extra time and search for an equipment. All you need is a sharp knife and a couple of minutes. Strip the cable, plug into the connector, tighten with a nut and it’s done! You just made the cable which is just as good as soldered, but solder-less.


Compact size

Connector body is just 9*9 mm (0,35*0,35 inches)

We designed our cable to give you complete freedom and control in arranging your equipment - and we did just that! Connector’s body is so small that after wiring with our cables you may even find a space for one or two more pedals!

Lex pedal

Reliable contact

Even for moving joints

Connector design keeps cable tight in place even when it is curved, pulled and stretched. The cable is attached to the connector with a braided screen, it makes the fitting exceptionally stable. Spend your time on your music - the cable will work.

Take a look at the pedalboards of our clients

pedalboard 02